Thursday, November 3, 2016

Brew of The Week! Giant Slayer by True Vine Brewing Company

Brewery | True Vine Brewing Company

Name | Giant Slayer
Style | Russian Imperial Stout
ABV | 8.5%
IBU | 55

Giant slayer is a winter seasonal that was first introduced by True Vine in Tyler last year just in time for a early Christmas present.  I was able to sit down at Rotolo's in Longview and try out this years batch.  

"Chocolate, dark cherry and roasted malt flavors from this smooth stout make it perfect for slaying giants and staying warm in the longest winter months." 

True Vines 4th beer to be canned and will be made in limited batches.  For this reason there will be a few kegs floating around (at the brewery) while most of the batch will be canned and shipped in 200 cases that you can purchase at your local grocery/beer store and craft beer restaurants in East Texas.   

The Imperial Stout was created in the 1800's by brewers that where trying to win over the Russian Czar.  The king of stouts, the Imperial style is known for its high alcohol by volumes (ABV) and plenty of malt character. Low to moderate levels of carbonation with huge roasted, chocolate and burnt malt flavors.

A stout should be enjoyed anywhere from 45-50 degrees and I recommend giving it time to let the ice melt off the can before popping the tab to allow the roasted flavors to be enjoyed more.

First smell is roasty and chocolatey with a hint of 
smokiness.  The body is full and has a appearance of a thick molasses like motor oil.  The flavor is surprisingly smooth for a Imperial Stout without the overally booziness notes of a typical Imperial.  I enjoyed the Giant Slayer and I highly recommend finding one to enjoy for yourself!

The Happy Chappy (Jeff)

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