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I was born and raised in the Piney Woods of East Texas. Growing up in a very conservative Missionary Baptist home I was taught from a young age that all forms of alcohol were "of the devil". Getting a BA in Religion from East Texas Baptist University isn't usually the route one takes on the way to a lifelong obsession with craft beer but it worked for me. I'm not a beer expert but I thoroughly enjoy drinking and talking about craft beer. I love traveling the world and always finding new ways to enjoy life. I'm lucky enough to have a wife that puts up with my endless search for that perfect pint and I wouldn't be upset if my 7 year old daughter grew up to be a brewer! Without my close knit group of friends I'd never have started on this wonderful craft beer journey. Sláinte

Jeffery - a.k.a. "Chappy"

I grew up in the great State of Louisiana but have called many places home. I'm currently splitting my time between Marshall, Texas and my family's historic homestead in Grand Cane, Louisiana. Some people call me a "gypsy" because I caught the travelling bug in my 20's and haven't slowed down yet. I've now been lucky enough to drink my way through 49 states and 9 countries. During one of my adventures I lived and worked on a farm in Midleton, Ireland near the Jameson Distillery. I lived in Colorado for 4 years (Grand Junction and Ft. Collins) where I spent time hiking 14tners, camping in the mountains and sitting on a bar stool at some of the greatest craft breweries in the nation. Fun fact: I never kept ice in my cooler while in CO because it rarely got above 60 degrees. I am an unapologetic ambassador of craft beer! My craft beer journey has taken me to over 100 breweries and I am always looking forward to the next one!


Born and raised in deep East Texas I didn't know much of craft beer was until I was in my twenties. I love the variety of craft beer and the love that goes into it. I remember the first light beer I ever had, and the most ridiculous wild craft beer i had a “relationship” with. Beer is a passion of mine and something I will never get tired of. I tend to enjoy the “darker side” of beer but will try any beer in hopes that it will be the greatest one I've ever had. I've drank beer in many states and countries but when it comes down to it I love nothing more than trying a new beer in my own stomping grounds!

For the love of life, and the love of beer. Cheers!

Allen - a.k.a. "Sleepy"

I'm originally from the busling metropolis of Marshall, TX but I now live and work in Aggieland (College Station for all the haters out there, Gig'em!).  I got into home brewing when I received a Mr. Beer kit from my then girlfriend for valentines day back in 2012.  Luckily enough, the home brewing didn't run her off and she agreed to marry me when I proposed on a beer tour of Deep Ellum brewery on top of one of their 100 gallon tanks.  I don't get to brew as much as I would like to, seeing as my assistant brewer is only 4 years old.  In the mean time you can read about my crazy ideas and exploits at the Slough Dew Brewery here on East Texas Brews and you can like us on Facebook! Zieg would appreciate it!

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